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               Find your Next Adventure!

Join me in the journey to find the Next adventure in your life! Do you have kids to get ready for the real world?  Maybe you want to create a plan to design your new awesome future? Have a presentation to give and need a coach? Have and idea for a book and don't know where to start?

I 've got you each step of the way. 



Want to read books that actually move you towards your future? Join our book club-we host a comment posting in FB @thenextnestacademy, but just reading the books will move you forward. Love, Fun, and Finances that fund an exciting Next Nest. 


For me, your Next adventure is personal!

I created this book club and mini course to help people find their way with all the adventures that life brings. Marriage, kids, college choices, oh and that thing we call our Freedom Future. 

Resources for every stage of the journey.

In the program we explore all those facets and tough talks that we've all been avoiding. I will facillitate you both in finding a dream that you can be excited about. I will also provide valuable resources for areas that you need expert advice. Finance? Relationship? Fun? Our private group will be a resource that you will turn to again and again.