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The What's Next podcast is an idea that we should be excitied about what comes next. In this podcast we focus on women pursuing their dreams and planning their futures. We address the life after kids and what that means for us as mom's as we refocus our attention on ourselves and our happiness. It is also a time to develop a new relationship with your children, and part of this came from an idea that my daughter and I came up with for moms and teens everywhere.

My daughter and I are friends, but it is a delicate dance to go from being parent/child to young adult/mom. I love that we are doing this podcast together. It show that I respect her as a young adult and honors her experience and let's be honest, expertise with the technology of today. But she also honors me, and our guests, for their experience and their knowledge. 

On this page you will find links to any freebies or referenced docs. You can also suggest topics, ask questions, or ask to be a guest-in the section below.

I want every mom to have a great relationship with their kids, their spouse, and themselves. Remember our job is to raise them and set them loose on the world. Once we do that, we owe it to ourselves to create the live we've always dreamed of-no waiting in the wings. Calling all Leading ladies it is YOUR turn. 

You are the star of your own movie. You are the main character in your life. You are standing center stage under the spotlight. You are getting excited for your Next Nest with your spouse. Let's find out What's Next for you. 

The Next Academy is here for you and we would love your feedback.

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The Leading Lady List!

Here is Vesta's List of what it takes to be a leading lady. 



All about Marta Sprik

On the most recent episode of the podcast, we had the pleasure of talking with Marta Sprik. Marta is the creator of the Empowered Woman's School. She also has a podcast and just released a book. 

You can find her on Instagram and Facebook @martasprik

To listen to her podcast The Empowered Woman Podcast you can listen on the platform that works for you. 

Marta's Podcast

To find out more about Marta and her school for Empowered Woman you can find all the information below.

Marta's School

All About Gina Fointaine

Gina Fontaine, CPT, CES

Gina has been active in the fitness field for over three decades. Her passion for movement led her to pursue a degree in Kinesiology from Indiana University in 1996. Additionally, she is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist with a specialty certificate in Postpartum Corrective Exercise. Gina is a personal trainer, yoga instructor and group exercise teacher. She has also served as the Director of Fitness for two parks and recreation departments in Colorado.

She created and wrote the Power of Pregnancy Pre and Postnatal Fitness Certification in 2015 and she founded the Supermom Club to help women emerge more confident and grounded during times of transition and stress in motherhood. Her book You Are a Supermom: 5 Ways to Reclaim Your Superpower and Thrive dispels the 5 myths that often keep moms from thriving. She lives with her three children in Denver, Colorado, where she loves to hike, play tennis and paddleboard. 


Email [email protected]


Supermom Club:





All About Anna Cheney

Anna Cheney is the Managing Director of the Northern Idaho chapter of Polka Dot Powerhouse whose mission is to connect the world’s most positive, action-forward, amazing women to build lifelong friendships and business relationships.

Formerly a Senior Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics, Anna acquired strong leadership and career team building skills and developed strategies to help women achieve their professional goals. 

Frustrated with the inauthentic, judgmental nature of many business groups, Anna had given up on networking and longed for something different.  When she accepted an invitation to visit a Polka Dots chapter meeting in the Treasure Valley, it was like a breath of fresh air. This unique, non-competitive, no-drama environment was exactly what she had been searching for.

Knowing she and her husband would eventually be moving to Northern Idaho to be closer to their adult children and 3 adorable grandsons, Anna began making plans to launch Polka Dots in Northern Idaho so more women could be a part of such a unique sisterhood. 

Anna left the Treasure Valley in October of 2019. The following Spring—in the midst of a Pandemic—she launched a new chapter of Polka Dots with just a handful of ladies.  Over the last two years, acceptance of this new kind of connection group has been overwhelmingly positive and the group is flourishing with more than 100 current members.

Anna’s deep commitment to women is evident. As owner of Life’s Harmony Coaching, Anna continues to help women succeed not only in business, but in every area of their lives. Her passion is helping women find their rhythm so they can be their best authentic selves and create lives of harmony. Five minutes with Anna and you are sure to feel supported, encouraged, and inspired.

Anna often says “relationship first and business will follow.” This is not just a motto for her. She is building a group of women where authentic relationships are intended to last a lifetime. Polka Dot Powerhouse truly is a Sisterhood—a Tribe— a community of women committed to each other’s success.

Polka Dot Powerhouse

Northern Idaho Polka Dot Powerhouse


All About Carolyne Rideg

She is a speaker, master fitness trainer, and lifestyle coach. She has coached a wide variety of people from Moms to world-class athletes in fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. A health crisis in 2015 led her on a journey of discovering the importance of gut health and its impact on our mental and emotional wellbeing. Recovering her health sparked a new passion for the science of the gut microbiome and its significance in living a happier, healthier, and more vibrant life.
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Instagram @Carolyne_Rideg
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All About Teresa Napierala!

Teresa is from Great Falls MT.  She has been an Intuitive Emotional Healing Coach since 2018.  She works with women overcoming addiction, sexual trauma, childhood trauma, and domestic violence.  Her own journey has passed through each and because of her Intuitive Emotional Healing she lives life as the confident, connected,  happy and joyous person she is meant to be. The same is possible for those anyone ready to begin the journey home to who they truly are.

All About Ashley Gutermuth

From her website: 

Ashley Gutermuth is a New Jersey-based stand-up comedian and actor. She appeared on ‘The Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon where she was chosen by Jerry Seinfeld to win the ‘Seinfeld Challenge.’ In 2021, Ashley won the headliner category of the US Comedy Contest.

Ashley regularly posts on social media and her hilarious videos of her stand-up and life as a spouse of a United States Military Veteran have exploded to over 200 million views!

Ashley's comedy has been featured in the Military Times, and Yahoo News. She has appeared on shows with Mark Curry (Hangin' with Mr. Cooper), Chris Kattan (SNL), Steve Hytner (Seinfeld) and Michael Winslow (Police Academy, America’s Got Talent) among many others.

When Ashley is not performing stand-up or voice-overs, she is usually running and has a daily running streak that spans over six years. For running tips and comedy videos please follow @Ashgutermuth on twitter, instagram and TikTok or head to her website

Instagram: @AshGutermuth
TikTok: @AshGutermuth
'The Tonight Show - Seinfeld Challenge Winner'
The What's Next Podcast would like to add just how amazing Ashley is and how thrilled we are to have her on the podcast.